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Winter Solstice

I woke up this morning and because my daughters both left with dad early, I had quiet time to think…such a rarity!

My mind felt so organized and clear. I could see my faults with microscopic vision-ha! But it was in a very healing way. I didn’t beat myself up, I just observed. I saw my behaviors in new light and each had a solution attached. I decided a while back that I would embrace intentional living on a level I have never been on before!

And because my mind was so focused and open to observation of all things yuck about myself.. I immediately questioned the


Why did I wake up SO willing to look at the dark?

Oh-there it is. HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE! A season of embracing the darkness.

It is so important as intuitive beings that we follow the flow. A lot of healers want to focus solely on the light, including myself at one point, but this just doesn’t make sense for humans. The darkness is actually where we grow- just like the example of a seed in the soil. Each step is so important. Holding space for yourself to look deep within and then allowing yourself to be ok with your flaws is when real healing will occur.

If you open yourself up to the natural flow of the world, you will find yourself on a natural healing journey-rather than a forced one. Trust me when I say, its not about going to yoga class, writing in your journal 18 times a week, or speaking affirmations over & over..It is about trust, it is about surrender, and it is about being intentional. Yoga, journaling and affirmations are wonderful tools, just not when it feels forced!

Forced feeling = Out of alignment

Darkness is not something to obsess over. It is a season and we have just entered!

If you are ready for the deep transformation that comes when looking at your dark, I would love to be your guide!

Happy Healing <3


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