Upcoming Event at Awakenings of Baton Rouge!

Learn how to use all of these tools to upgrade your life and be a better support to the ones you love! What we will cover:

Basics in Essential oils 1. How they work with removing trauma and help with weight loss 2. Which kinda to use and why 3. FDA guidelines for what’s a “real” therapeutic grade A oil . Fake verses real . 4. Best ways to apply for use 5. What’s “organic”? 6. Oils with supplements 7. Grounding 8. Frequency, oils and the body 9. Oils and pets and babies 10. Can you be allergic ? 11. How they work with crystals 12. Chemicals/cleaning verses essential oils 13. Essential oils and intuition -Muscle testing and demo Crystals 101 1. How to know what crystals are best for you ? 2. Why they are effective for electrical pollution 3. How they change patterns and why 4. Are crystals bad or demonic ? What does the Bible say ? 5. Frequency and crystals 6. How they work with essential oils and why 7. Essential oils verse crystals 8. Crystals , plants and animals 9. Crystals and intuition Astrology Understanding the most powerful and influential energies in your life through your natal astrology chart! In this class you will learn how to uncover your luck, gifts & talents, love language, attraction, purpose, plus key information to loving your kids, friends, family, and Self better!! Key Points:: Self awareness and how you are seen. Your emotions and navigating your inner world! Your purpose! Where you are going in life and how to get there! Major themes and patterns. Material matters and how you obtain resources, aka- how you make that money! How you get motivation! How you communicate and understanding your neighbors and siblings. The energy that raised you and makes you feel at home. The energy that rules your joy, creativity, and children. How you best serve the world What you attract in a romantic relationship, close relationship or business partnerships How you transform Understanding your challenges and finding the solutions Energy that governs your travel and higher education How you are seen by the world and what you do in your career The energy of your community and friendships Your limitations and how to over come them Understand the CURRENT collective energy to understand people better.

NOTE: To ask questions about your own chart in this class, you must know your place of birth, time of birth, & date of birth (do not guess) It would be best to have your birth chart generated before! Email Amy for help

Our workshop will be open from 1-6pm with plenty breaks :)

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