How I embodied the Energy of the Taurus ♉️ Full Moon 🌕

Today, I dove in to all the good Taurean things! Taurus is ruled by Venus, so it’s mostly a super pleasant energy & is definitely fun to play with!

1- Yoga poses & then Shower for good body feels

2- Watched a sunset

3-Listened to a Taurus full moon playlist on Spotify

4-Cooked and tasted a new recipe from HelloFresh

5-Burnt a eucalyptus bundle and used my Rise Above & Highest Potential essential oil blends

This week the moon was full in Taurus ♉️ and we had our first eclipse of eclipse season!

I like to embody the energy so that I can be in alignment with the moon because that’s when I feel in flow!

Taurus rules the senses, so the easiest way to align with Taurean energy is to allow your senses some pleasure, which is also a quality of Venus who rules Taurus.

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