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How do I know if I need an energy cleanse?

You know how it feels when your chest is heavy or you feel tired or drained when you think about something happening in your life or not happening.. or maybe you feel heavy from the thought of something you have to do.. or someone you have to deal with..

From an energetic view..These are signs there is stuck energy in your energy field and centers (chakras)

You are probably also dealing with feelings of frustration, overwhelm, sadness, anxiety, get it..

These are also signs you have stuck energy.

But why is it stuck and does it happen?

Your beliefs, habits, limited thinking, conditioning, responses etc are the reason energy stops flowing.

These signs are like getting a phone call from your energy body asking you to help balance!

But when you cleanse that energy and activate what it is you do choose-like high energy, enthusiasm, joy, focus, and all other vibes that don’t suck 😝 life becomes a little more balanced, a little closer to living in alignment, and one step closer to your highest potential!

I am offering a group energy clearing-for only $11 😀🍾

Cleanse your energy on a cellular level and activate your highest potential- with me as your guide! 💓✨ We will clear FOUR of the strongest energies that are holding you in stillness!

Who is ready for deep healing 🦋

Sign up on website! Link in bio 💜

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