Dark Moon Day

A reminder to flow with Luna 💜✨

Today is the dark moon, it’s the darkest day with no light at night from the moon.

You may be feeling tired, drained, stuck, or just low energy..and these are all valid feels! It’s not the day to start but to contemplate instead.

Tomorrow we will be welcoming in a mystical, dreamy, gentle, loving New Moon in Pisces ♓️ so let yourself rest and if you can’t physically rest, allow your mind a break from worry, this too shall pass 🙏

I like to burry an acorn on the dark moon day to symbolize new growth & abundance 🌳

🌱 Suggested oils..Frankincense for an enhanced meditation state & bergamot for lifting our spirits.

🔮Crystals I’ll be using..Amethyst, Obsidian, & Rose Quartz

Also it’s a good day for shadow work, & cutting cords 💜✂️

If you have plans for working with the dark moon, what are they?!

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