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Aries New Moon

A fresh new start aligned with the astrological new year! Aries is passion, drive, independence, & confidence vibes.

When out of alignment Aries is impatient, selfish, insensitive, & rude vibes.

Aries= New Start New Moon= New Start

The best thing you can do to work with this energy is start something new-especially a passion project, but anything that lights your soul up when you think or dream of the idea. Look at your Aries house to know more! For an in-depth few of your personal chart book here:

Stay in alignment with the Aries energy by using the following Essential Oils in your daily life or moon ritual practice.




Ylang ylang



Clary Sage








Order your Essential Oils here:

Stay in alignment with the Aries energy by using the following I am affirmations:

I am brave!

I am independent!

I am confident!

I am enthusiastic!

I am passionate!

I am fearless!

I am courageous!

What house is the New Moon happening in for You?

House 1-The start of your new self image or new perspective

House 2-The start of new financial resources & income streams

House 3-The start of new communication or new neighbors

House 4-A new home, redesign of your home, or new home projects (internal)

House 5-New creative projects, new hobbies, new found joy

House 6-New routines, new healthy habits, new offerings or services

House 7-New relationships or new starts to old relationships, new partnership opportunity, new love

House 8-Rebirth period, new payouts, new debts, new depth to explore (internal)

House 9- New travel opportunity, new location, new philosophy explored, new education pursuit

House 10-New career opportunity, new recognition, new public image

House 11- New friendships, starting new organizations, starting new community projects

House 12-Uncover new secrets, new religion, new meditation practice, start new retreats, new cults, new karma (internal)

The Aries Archetypes

The pioneer

The explorer

The combatant

The freedom fighter

The defender

The rescuer

The worth opponent

The dare devil

The adventurer

The new born

Learn more about working with your own personal astrology by getting your natal chart reading! You can book from my website

HAPPY NEW MOON in ARIES! May all of your new beginnings be blessed and for love!

Talk soon,

Amy <3

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